Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Second stop David in South Carolina. Thanks David

So, the G left DougFNJ and made its way down to me. Unfortunately the job and the weather did not cooperate, so I was not able to make it to the coast. I did however have a little time, so could have a bit of fun.#1, Proof it did make it to me.#2, Boundary Avenue in Aiken, SC, a very beautiful, frequently photographed, stretch of street. More so later in the year.#3, The G is only rated to 200M so I hope it can handle this task.#4, #5, We know G's are tough, but can they handle being run over by a semi truck?#6, A well loved G, up close. With a problem?#1 - I know it says Washington, that is where I used to live. Now in South Carolina.


  1. Hey, for a first go, you are doing great. Watch is now heading across the Atlantic. What will happen next? Tune in later to see!

  2. Is Tribe next on the list? i thought it should go up to Canada first. this is mansrow, btw !!!!

    wud up, ppl !!!!

  3. The G that traveled the country to be pictured above a toilet tank. Brilliant! LOL!