Tuesday, March 3, 2009

G Shock starts it travel in Temecula Wine Country

I have seen people take photos of something in different places in the world, one was a company magazine that employees would take photos of it in different locations around the world and then the magazine would publish these photos. I thought it was cool seeing all the diffeent locations. Several months back someone on Watchuseek Gshock forum mentioned the same sort of thing. I waited to see it anything would come of it but it never happend. I had an old G Shock and thought what the heck I would send a private message to a couple of member and see what they thought of mailing my G around the world for photos in places of interest. They responded back that it was a good idea and they were on board. I took it to some places in Temecula CA. they have several winneries close to me for a couple of photos and then sent it to Doug in New Jersey.

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