Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Second stop David in South Carolina. Thanks David

So, the G left DougFNJ and made its way down to me. Unfortunately the job and the weather did not cooperate, so I was not able to make it to the coast. I did however have a little time, so could have a bit of fun.#1, Proof it did make it to me.#2, Boundary Avenue in Aiken, SC, a very beautiful, frequently photographed, stretch of street. More so later in the year.#3, The G is only rated to 200M so I hope it can handle this task.#4, #5, We know G's are tough, but can they handle being run over by a semi truck?#6, A well loved G, up close. With a problem?#1 - I know it says Washington, that is where I used to live. Now in South Carolina.

First stop Doug in New Jersey. Thanks Doug

Hello folks. Just a quick history. About a month ago Jersterca asked me what I thought about sending a watch around the world, I was completely on board with it and definitely think its a great idea. Apparently this idea had been tried a couple times with the watch not making it too far. We agreed that making a list of names and crossing those names out as it came to them may be the best way to get this watch REALLY going far, I am really looking forward to see where it goes. First trip on the mailing list was your's truly in Old Bridge, NJ, and I am honored Many people think of good ol NJ where I was born and raised as a running joke (I've of course contributed to many of them ) What exit are you from? New York's little red headed step child, NJ, The Garden State....sure, if your growing SMOKE STACKS We are famous for bringing the series The Sopranos, Friday the 13th original movie, Clerks, Mallrats, Beautiful Mind, the new movie The Wrestler, and many great films. We also brought up Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Bruce Willis, Danny Devito, the infamous Frank Sinatra, and of course, many more....New Jersey has also has great history. It's seen a lot of battles in the Revolutionary War as well as the Civil War. It's seen Inventor Thomas Edison, and the Industrial Revolution began in this state ending the Great Depression.I was off yesterday for Presidents day, so my girlfriend, her kids, and myself took a nice day trip with Jersterca's watch. We had alot of fun. What better way to start a watch that is beginning it's travels by going to the place that many saw as they entered America? First trip was to see the Statue of Liberty.....These photos were not easy as I had one closeup watch, one far off Statue, and a bad photographer Here's Lady Liberty behind the place my Great Grandparents entered this country....Ellis Island: Photo zoomed inAnd the watch WITH Lady Liberty while my lady held it up....Then we took a trip over to a location Washington used to be able to see 30 miles out for some strategic planning in the Revolutionary War..... Washington Rock. The Placque commemorating the location and it's significanceThe information sign explaining it's significance along with the view.They built a nice stone standing and walking structure back in 1912 so you could safely look out and enjoy the view....

G Shock starts it travel in Temecula Wine Country

I have seen people take photos of something in different places in the world, one was a company magazine that employees would take photos of it in different locations around the world and then the magazine would publish these photos. I thought it was cool seeing all the diffeent locations. Several months back someone on Watchuseek Gshock forum mentioned the same sort of thing. I waited to see it anything would come of it but it never happend. I had an old G Shock and thought what the heck I would send a private message to a couple of member and see what they thought of mailing my G around the world for photos in places of interest. They responded back that it was a good idea and they were on board. I took it to some places in Temecula CA. they have several winneries close to me for a couple of photos and then sent it to Doug in New Jersey.