Sunday, July 26, 2009

G-Travels: Stop 4, Krakow Poland

The bad news is that the G was kept or lost by the next person on the list. Tribe decided to keep it going and donated his own G shock so it is now traveling again. Thanks Tribe. He took new photos to get this going again, starting in Krakow

So this will be stop #4

Here it is in my Kraków 'man-drawer' - repository of expired batteries, keys that don't fit anything and tiny screwdrivers.

Some views of Kraków. They're not all 'touristy' as I've probably snapped more than enough of those over the last thirteen years. However, I did find myself thinking 'better do a couple of the Market Square for the forum'...

World recession hits candy-floss sales.

Where Copernicus (Mikolaj Kopernik) went to university.

Market Square. Girl on telephone.

Girls on bikes. There's always another one along in a minute.

Quiet street.


Tramlines, cobbles, girl checking phone.


New Opera House. Girl on phone on balcony.

Priority for trams.

Three views of half of the Market Square (there's another half behind the central Cloth hall).

Souvenirs in the Cloth Hall.

Cathedral on Wawel Hill.

Three pictures from Wawel (but none of the main attraction, I notice...).

The cult of Clarkson reaches everywhere.

In Europe. More places to phone!

I didn't set out to take pictures of girls on the phone - it's just almost impossible to take a street scene without them...

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